Compact Tractors Service


Michiana Lawn Equipment Outdoor Power
430 South Mayflower Road
South Bend, IN

Service Description

Service Description

Special $199.95 plus parts

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change/Check inner and outer air filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Test all lights and flashers
  • Service battery & charging system
  • Lubricate all grease points
  • Test coolant condition, clean radiator exterior
  • Check/adjust traction drive system
  • Inspection/adjustment of brakes
  • Test PTO & check all safety interlock systems
  • Adjust hydro shift linkage
  • Check tires and inflate to proper psi
  • Check loader function, check hoses, lubricate (if applicable)
  • Check Mid Mount mower deck, lubricate, check gear box oil
  • Sharpen blades and clean underside of deck
  • Check mower operation and belt/driveline condition
Add Hydro Transmission Service- Filter/Oil Change $49.95 plus parts
Change oil on mower deck gear box $24.95 plus parts

Radiator Flush/Cooling System Flush $46.95 plus parts

All additional needed repairs will be quoted and approved by customer prior to completion.