Michiana Mobile Mower Mechanic

We are growing our Service Department! Now available to you is 24 hour local service! 574-344-8340

Michiana is welcoming a valuable new service for the community, Michiana Mobile Mower Mechanic!

Featuring our experienced, trained mechanic, certified in many brands with many skills, and a Certified Master Mechanic. Servicing all brands and virtually all products. Servicing snow blowers, mowing equipment, generators, power washers, saws, and an array of others, and virtually all brands! We can do that!!

Give us a call during regular business hours at 574-287-1801 to schedule or dispatch a Mobile Service at your location.

Call us in an emergency at our MMMM number, 574-344-8340, 24/7.

*Special Rates plus parts will apply.

Main Office: 574-287-1801

Mobile Emergency Direct: 574-344-8340