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Now available!

Michiana is growing our services to include AutoMower service and installations!

Featuring the Husqvarna Automower. We will evaluate your lawn, install the guide wire, and all setup required customized to your specific lawn layout.

Unfamiliar with Automower? This is a completely autonomous device that mows the grass for you! Battery operated, when it needs a charge, it goes to the charger and charges. When its charged, it goes out and mows. It can mow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. It is safe around pets, children, and foreign objects. It has theft protection and GPS location. It can me monitored from you mobile device, turned on or off, change cut height, and even timers. Though there are several models available, they are rated to maintain up to 1.25 acres. Completely electric, we no longer have gas, or oil, or huge blades to sharpen, or belts to wear out. The Automower will provide a fantastic manicured lawn look all of the time, while you watch, or while you sleep.

For more details on the Automower, please call in and ask for the Automower Specialist. We will coordinate an evaluation schedule.

Main office: 574-287-1801